Snow Plowing


As we now have approached the winter snow season folllowing are a few things to consider before complaing and criticizing our snow plowers:

  1. Plows do not purposefully plow the snow in your driveway or cover you mailbox.  Plows push the snow to the side, off the main road ways.
  2. They do not purposefully sling the snow as far as they can.  It happens because of how the blades are designed to push the snow.
  3. They HAVE to drive a certain speed in order to move the heavy snow, and they have to stay in the lane that they are on.
  4. They can’t be out 24/7.  They need rest too. Other CDL drivers have driving limit before they are required to sleep.  Plow drivers max out at 12 hours.
  5. They take up more than one lane because their plows are angled to the side so the snow can be pushed that way.  Give them space on all sides.
  6. There’s a difference between city, county, town, village and state roads.  They are all run by differenet agencies, have different protocols and different equipment. . The town and village roads are plowed by the heaviest traveled to the less traveled.
  7. Driving a plow truck is stressful.  They can’t always see the curbs, signs, trash cans, passing cars, etc.  Many of them are the first on scene to crashes, and have seen things they never wanted to.  Be compassionate and patient.
  8. So remember as you are complaining about the way the snow is plowed these drivers are spending their day out in dangerous conditions to keep you safe. 
  9. One should never judge or critize another ones job unless you have been in their shoes!